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Joshua & Inez

White Sands, NM

Albuquerque, NM

South Carolina 

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

September 1-4, 2021

September 6-10, 2021

September 16-22 2021

October 18-26 2021

New York, New York

August 2-7, 2021

Upstate New York

July 28-31, 2021

New Orleans, LA

July 8-12, 2021

Kentucky / Illinois 

July 1-5, 2021


Josh has worked in quite a few national parks all over the country, even in Alaska. He has guided hikes, river rafting and fishing excursions in some of the most beautiful landscapes in America. Trust me when I say he can suggest a stunning spot for your elopement.

Nellie Inez is the one you will be speaking to if you email or call.  She runs the business and has been behind the camera for 10 years and is loving every minute of it.

We also have an adorable 7 year old daughter who is THE BOSS. What she says goes, and she loves to adventure with us when we aren’t working.

Little adventures with big heart.

No fears, We got you!

let us be your guide.

Life is about collecting things - beautiful images, experiences, friendships or moments of laughter in the sunshine, and our collection is overflowing. 

Travel is imperative and we never say no to new destinations.

Let's share the Journey!

It's about more than "work" It should be a shared adventure where you make friends and memories that last a lifetime.

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