Rosalyn and Sharod drove all the way from Kissimmee, South Florida for their engagement session.  Over 6 hours. Everything was set to be perfect.

Dreamy location (Henderson Beach State Park) beautiful couple, two hours of shooting right before sunset and a perfect weather forecast. Then they would pack up, head home the next morning and wait for their gallery….

Or so we thought, lol.

This one was actually pretty heart breaking. There was a traffic stand still on the way to the location and they got stuck for the whole first half of the shoot. By the time they arrived an unexpected storm cloud had rolled in, blocked all the sun and threatened to rain on us very soon.

All in all we had about 10-15 minutes to shoot. I feel lucky we had at least that much time because we managed to get enough photos for their announcements.

I was heart broken for them, but they handled  it way better than I did. They lit up the photos when the sun couldn’t. You could see their love and they were having fun and smiling the whole time. It really saved the shoot.

I can not wait for their wedding (same dreamy location in Destin, FL) so we can finally  do the thing right.

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